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Copper Composite Panel

The copper composite panel (herewith call: CCP), the surface with pure copper feature, noble temperament, no coating. Excellent weather resistance and easy to process
  • MCP-003


The copper composite panel (herewith call: CCP), the surface with pure copper feature, noble temperament, no coating. Excellent weather resistance and easy to process. Lower cost than solid cooper panels. Purchasing copper composite panel is a good choice given its cost reduction,each processing ,low maintenance ,recyclability ,strong weather resistance and compatibility with other elements .Using copper composite panel can be a great extent enhance the value of the architectures and highlight the elegant style and noble temperament .


  • Protective film to protect panel surface

  • Copper Sheet

  • Polymeric membrane composites the copper sheet onto core

  • LDPE/FR core is made from low density polyethylene or fireproof grade materials


  •  Anti-bacterial function(Optional)

Antimicrobial copper is the most effective antibacterial material which is registered by EPA.The bacterial growth on the surface will be inhibited in 24 hours,and 99.9% bacteria will be reduced in first 2 hours.The function is far superior to silver coating,stainless steel and plastic etc.

Our copper composite panel is authorized " Antimicrobial Copper Cu+" logo by the International Copper Association.The Cu+ is the logo of antimicrobial copper, global promoted by the International Copper Association. It means the product has used copper, with antibacterial effect.

  • Color change of the natrual copper 

Copper can form a solid ,nontoxic protective layer ,commonly known as “verdigris” even in the very high corrosive environment .Its chemical composition depends on the air condition ,but the protective effect of various “verdigris” is basically the same .This passivation layer is very stable and can regenerate the damage automatically .

  • High flatness, No ripple or warping

  • Light weight

Same rigidityCCP 4mm*0.30/0.50mmSolid Copper 2.6mm
The weight of CCP(4mm*0.30/0.50mm) is 30% of Solid Copper's under the same rigidity

  • Environment protection

Low energy consumption and low CO2 emissions during production

CuStainless steel Aluminium
Thickness mm0.60.60.6
Expected life time200100100
Specific energy consumption (MJ/m2)103.3125.2115.4
Equivalent CO2 emissions (Kg/m2)

  • High stability ,low maintenance cost ,environmental-friendly ,safety gurantee,easy processing and highly corrosion-resistant

  • Has the best malleability among the construction metals ,therefore can be used in varieties of architectural styles

  • The unique multi-layer composition combines pure copper sheeting with a thermoplastic core, allowing the panels to take almost any shape imaginable. The natural copper is bright red. After long time, they will be changed to dark red, antique color and patina color. It means copper have a lifetime. If there are clear lacquer (anti-finger) on the surface, the color change will be prevented. But the surface oxidation also can be processed by artificial, and then change to different color.


  1. Exterior wall facade

  2. Roofing

  3. Gutter

  4. Antimicrobial wind pipe, vents, blinds

  5. Antimicrobial table surface


ProductCopper composite panel 
Total thickness

3mm /4mm

Metal skin thickness

Red copper or Brass/Al

0.15/0.21 ,0.2/0.3,0.3/0.5,0.4/0.5,0.55/0.7
Length3200mm and customized

600mm/800mm/1000mm (Red copper)


FinishNatural,Brass,clear ,Brushed,Antique,Bronze,Patina

Color Chart

Silver Metallic HP-881

Silver Metallic HP-881

Black Silver Metallic HP-855

Black Silver Metallic HP-855

Black HP-876

Black HP-876

Pure White HP-895

Pure White HP-895

Red Glossy HP-880

Red Glossy HP-880

Orange Glossy HP-838

Orange Glossy HP-838

Silver Brushed HP-897

Silver Brushed HP-897

Big Flower Green HP-604

Big Flower Green HP-604

Wooden HP-37097

Wooden HP-37097

   Alumetal Color Chart

More Alumetal Color charts, free to download

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