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Alumetal Construction Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite panel is a new material after a series of processing. Aluminum sheet is used as surface which have been polished and coated with lacquer. Polyethylene is its core layer
  • ACP-001
  • Custom Size, Color, Protective film are available


Aluminum Composite panel is a new material after a series of processing. Aluminum sheet is used as surface which have been polished and coated with lacquer. Polyethylene is its core layer.

Aluminum plastic panel was produced by AIUSINGEN in Germany firstly. And then improved through the FORKEN in Holland and ALOCA in America. After the 1900s, the quality was steady and reached higher level. Since aluminum composite panel is composed by two different materials(metal and nonmetal), it keeps the main characteristics of the original materials(metal aluminum, the nonmetal polyethylene plastic). On the other hand, it can overcome the deficiency of the original materials and get numerous excellent performances, such as: luxurious, colorful decorating, anti corrosion, ant hitting, fire prevention, damp proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, astigmatic, light, apt to process, easy to install and carry. It has contribute to shorten the construct period and bring this material to a wide application prospect in not far future.

Aluminum composite panel is turning out to be one of the most popular forms of marketing as buyers are gaining knowledge about it. Composed of two aluminum panels of a foam core sandwiched between them it offers the right balance of durability and lightweight. Weighing about half as much as aluminum but with a thicker profundity of the boards.

Aluminum composite panel is an excellent choice for a durable, high-quality substance to print signs on. Aluminum composite panel is one of the most robust, lightweight and resistant to weather material to print to and make signs out of. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Economy

With the use of quality coating, aluminum-plastic panels are dispensed with longtime maintenance, thus having saved the maintenance expenditures of modern high-rise constructions. Due to the serious pollution in cities in our country, they many need to be maintained and cleaned several years later. Being easily cleanable, they can be cleaned by natural cleaning agent and clean water, and come out to be fairly new after cleaned.

  • Durability

Fluorocarbon coated aluminum-plastic composite panel are featured by high durability, good resistance against weather, high temperature, wear and pollution etc.

  • Flatness

Aluminum-plastic composite panel are given smooth surface to meet the top grade enjoyment of modern constructions.

  • Light weight

Aluminum-plastic composite panel of aluminum and plastics, which is lighter than other decorating materials, thereby to facilitate the installation work and shorten the construction period.

  • Easy installation

Aluminum-plastic composite panel can be easily cut, grooved, and bended into arc or right angled shapes to meet the requirements of decoration.

  • Non inflammable

The non inflammable external aluminum sheets offer protection to polyethylene core material, and cut off heat conduction in the initial stages of combustion, with flame resistance up to international standard.

  • Design performance

If requested by customers, aluminum-plastic panels can be made to different colors and shapes to meet the original design of architects, thus bring perfect decorating effect.

  • Environmental protection

No changes in surface coating, no pollution to the environment


Alumetal construction aluminum composite panels have a wide range of applications for the Construction Industry:

  1. Wall and interior decoration of air fields, docks, stations, merros, marketplace, hotels, restaurants, recreation places, top-grade residence, villas, office and etc

  2. Big billboards,shop windows,roadside nes kiosks,bookstalls, telephone booths,traffic sentry boses and filling stations

  3. Internal walls,ceiling,compartments,kitchens,toilets,and basement dado

  4.  Shop decoration,interior layers,storied cabinet,pillar and furniture

  5. Decoration for boxes in trains,automobiles,ships and carriages

  6. Renovation and reconstruction of old buildings

  7. Cleaning and dust control projects


Product Construction aluminum composite panel
Total thickness 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm etc
Aluminum skin thickness0.05mm to 0.5mm
Aluminum AlloyAA1100,AA3003,AA5005 ect

PE(Warranty is 5 years ) ,PVDF (Warranty is 15 years )

Length2440mm, 3000mm, 5000mm, 5800mm, normally within 6000mm

1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1550mm, 1570mm, Max 2000mm

CoreHDP, LDP, B1 Fire-Proof,A2 Fire-Proof
FinishMatt, Glossy, Mirror, Metal, Nacreous, Nano, Spectrum, Brushed, Granite, Wooden, etc
BrandAlumetal, Neutral and OEM
ColorAlumetal existing color (Alumetal color chart ) and customized color(Sample ,Pantone and Ral color)

Color Chart

Silver Metallic HP-881

Silver Metallic HP-881

Black Silver Metallic HP-855

Black Silver Metallic HP-855

Black HP-876

Black HP-876

Pure White HP-895

Pure White HP-895

Red Glossy HP-880

Red Glossy HP-880

Orange Glossy HP-838

Orange Glossy HP-838

Silver Brushed HP-897

Silver Brushed HP-897

Big Flower Green HP-604

Big Flower Green HP-604

Wooden HP-37097

Wooden HP-37097

   Alumetal Color Chart

More Alumetal Color charts, free to download

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