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Due to the feature of light weight, high strength, fire
resistance, sound and heat insulation, 100% recyclable and other outstanding performance, Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are widely used in the airport, railway
station and high rise building, etc.

Ground Transportation

Color coated and Anodized Aluminum Honeycomb Panel as an important light weight and high compression
strength material which have been applied in ground
transportation---high speed train, military vehicle,
automotive etc since the past decades.


The table tops made with Aluminum Honeycomb Panel can be designed to be very thin thickness and remaining the same rigidity as wood or other heavy materials.Meanwhile it provides excellent edge finishing and powder coating.

Solar Energy

Mirror Finished Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is playing an important role in the Solar Energy Industry due to its excellent bending performance, high surface
flatness and high temperature stability.



Anti-slip and Anodized Aluminum Honeycomb Panels offers an high strength to weight ratio and anti corrosion property that satisfied to shipbuilding industry, such as boat desk, hatches, vessel doors etc.


Aluminum Honeycomb Panel also used in many industrial applications. Because of the advantage of safe,
stable, easy installation, high sealing efficiency, energy
saving and environmental protection, Aluminum honeycomb Panel mainly as the floating roof for large oil
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